Our Services

Medical Coding & Billing

Certified medical coders & billers undertake realisation of your corporate claims with utmost credibility & efficiency thus ensuring optimal claim submissions.

E-Claim Processing

We provide hassle-free IT enabled services to assist in the management of time bound DHA E-claim regulations.

Medical Claims Auditing

Our IT-enabled systems, supported by certified professionals assist you in foreseeing any potential threats to your firm to avoid penalties by complying to the regulations.

Medical Record Analysis & Training

Based on a thorough assessment of requirements, we provide customized training programs to all healthcare professionals including doctors, nurses & administration staff to comply with regulation.

Real time Remote Prior Authorization

Real-time remote approval process is provided, to obtain prior authorization by using various remote management platforms with access to certified medical coders & billers

Reconciliation & Payment Follow Up

Our dedicated reconciliation team are available to assist in the timely realization of your remittance advice with efficient TAT.

External Medical Claims & Auditing Services

Our certified medical professionals with proven audit management skills are available for assistance in managing any retrospective external audits for your firm.

Denial Management

Our certified medical professionals with proven denial management skills are available for assistance in revenue leakage.